2014 : The Association at WAC

The activities of the 2014 WAC (World Acadian Congress) took place in three areas: Edmundston in New Brunswick, Madawaska in Maine, and Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac in Quebec.  Under the theme of “Acadia, the Lands and Forests community”, these gatherings brought together Acadians of different regions of Canada and the United States in a festive ambiance of reunion and discovery. 

The program of the Association

The Saindon Association annual reunion was held 22-24 August at Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac where we were fewer than normal with about 25 participating in the events.  A thanks to Martine Saindon and Lea Vachon who took the time to visit the various sites on Thurs and Fri to ensure everything went smoothly for the weekend. 
We began gathering Friday around 4:00pm for registration which was followed by an excellent degustation of fine cheese, wine and delicatessen meats accompanied by breads, biscotts, chocolates and Port. We had a lovely evening in an ambiance of genuine friendship. 

Fort Ingall
Saturday morning, after coffee at the school, the group left for Fort Ingall. We attended the raising of the Union Jack by soldiers dressed in uniforms of the day.  We also met with members of the First Nations who explained their role in aiding and supporting the Acadians during the Great Deportation of 1755.
A meeting with a group of the costumed interpreters of Fort Ingall composed of peasants, patriots, indians and soldiers, gave us a better understanding of life at that time, their dress and the different weapons they used for hunting and defence. 

"Petite École" garden
From Fort Ingall we went to the “Jardin de la Petite Ecole” to visit one of the most beautiful private gardens in Québec. We were dazzled by the magnificent landscaped layouts that the owner had created over the years. He was able to recreate an atmosphere of serenity in this wonderful garden of flowers, shrubs and trees with strategically placed benches for relaxation and meditation. 

"Rivière Bleue" train station
The visit, after lunch, to the old Train Station of Riviere Blue allowed us to learn more of the tough life the lumberjacks experienced in the early days of colonization.  The wood was moved by rafts on the rivers or trains to the sawmills. The development of the rail transport allowed the different villages in the region to develop, providing food and other consumable goods coming from Quebec and Montreal.  We could have spent the rest of the snooping around the stands the various artisans had setup around the station but we had to get back for the annual General Meeting at 4:00pm.

Following the meeting we savoured a tasty mechoui dinner in a family atmosphere created with the tables forming a rectangle that allowed us all to see and speak to each other during the meal.   

Sunday morning, many of the participants shared brunch at the Saint Louis de Ha-Ha Golf Club.  It was a perfect place to get together and we appreciated the meal which terminated the weekend for some who were returning home right after. 

Closing musical show
The super closing musical show began at 6 o’clock with a number of young, promising artists followed by the big Acadian stars whose rhythms filled the evening with their folklore performances. The evening ended with a magnificent fireworks show on the lake worthy of the Grands feux Loto Quebec.

A great success
For those who were not able to attend, this was truly a beautiful region to visit and we thoroughly appreciated this weekend reunion. Thanks to all who worked to make the weekend possible; a task that was complicated by the fact that we had no members from this region.  We are looking forward to seeing you in large numbers at our

20th Annual Reunion of Saindons at Cacouna in 2015.

Réal Saindon
Translation : Lea Vachon