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General view

General view :

Many locations (orange marker) have been named after Saindons in the United States. Some were identified with Google map but we have no information as to the reasons that have justified the names.

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Saindon Place (Topsham, ME)

"On this street lives my cousin, Paul Saindon.  He has lived on this street for many years.  He is a retired Post Office worker and I believe that they named the street in his honor.  I was not living here in Maine when this happened and so cannot say exactly when it transpired.   He is still active in the community, serving on the Historical Society board."

Source : Doris A. Nieman, Topsham.

Saindon Street (Nashville, TN)

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Saindon Street (Chase, WI)

Named to honor the James B. Saindon family who is still living there !

Source : Tammy Welms, Chase city

Saindon Road (Tomahawk, WI)

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Saindon Street (Wasilla, AK)

Probably named in honour of Edward Saindon, pionneer of the region of Palmer and Wasilla, 10 miles apart and founded around 1917.

Source : Amber Cortez

Saindon Court (Wasilla, AK)

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Saindon Drive (Elgin, IL)

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