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"Famille Saindon" on Wikipédia

Because of the exactness of research on the origins and realisations of our ancestor Michel Saindon, the Association has submitted a page to French Wikepédia wich was approuved and can be seen at 

Saindon garage of Cacouna celebrate his 60th anniversary 

Miniature horse

"Élegance premiere" winner at Three Rivers, Qc horse show on July 11, 2019.

Sylvaine Lebel and Daniel Saindon, Isle Verte. Qc..


Did you know that the artist 


was of the SAINDON lineage ?

2020 : Delegation of Bains-sur-Oust in Québec

At the end of the Unveilling of the panel, the Genealogy Club of Oust and Villaine county was discussing the possibility of visiting  the Association during the celebration of the 25e anniversary of the foundation of the Association in 2020.

Claudine Ozenne, new president of the Club after Ginette Fontan, has recently informed us that they plan to come on August during "Les Fêtes de Nouvelle France".
The invitation will be to the members of the Club but also to those you hosted the participants at the Unveiling.
We will welcome them heatily and emphasize the closeness tjat was developed at the Unveiling.

A new category of members

Since it is known now that Michel Saindon comes from Bains-sur-Oust, Brittany, Saindons descendants of the region are asking to become members of the Association A new category of members was decided, associate members. They have the same privileges as the other catgoiesy but cannot sit on the Board of Directors.

Joseph Cindon has passed away

It is with astonishment that we learned of the death of Joseph Cindon of St-Perreux. on March, 18th 2017 after a short illness.
We are most grateful to him because it is ibecause of his involvement that the origin of Michel Saindon was confirmed.
He is survived by his wife, Marie-Hélene Guillemain, and his children Nicolas, Régis, Pauline and Céline.
Theer will be a special tribute to him at the plaque unveiling in 2018.

The Saindon's flag around the world.

During last year, the Saindon's flag was shown in many palces in the world by members of the Association.

At the Eagle's Nest in Germany by André Sindon.

At Machu Pichu, Peru by Réal Saindon and his son Éric.

On the Great Wall in China by Roland Saindon, Denise Laflamme, Véronique Côté and Jean-Marie Saindon.

At St-Don village in Brittany by Marie-Noëlle Jouan and André Sindon.

On the Kilimanjaro by Réal Saindon..


At the unveiling of the commemorative panel of the baptism of Michel Saindon at Bains-sur-Oust.
Where and when will it be shown again?

Origin of Michel Saindon : evidence by DNA

by André Sindon
It’s confirmed!

After more than 30 years of research, we have confirmed through DNA testing that Michel Saindon, baptized in Bains-sur-Oust in Brittany on 2 December 1715, is in fact the same person who emigrated to Acadia around 1735; the first ancestor of all Saindons in North America.

  • A Comparison
This is how we did it.
The DNA profile of the Y chromosome in men of the same lineage is almost integrally transmitted from father to son. 
It was therefore necessary to compare the DNA of a descendant of Michel Saindon in America with that of a descendant of Pierre, Michel’s brother, to confirm a common ancestor, their father, who had passed to them his unaltered chromosomes.
Initially we had to establish a solid base of comparison in America by collecting the DNA of three Saindons whose ancestry to Michel was certain. The genetic DNA markers of these persons was identical.
We then found a descendant of Pierre Saindon, brother of Michel, who agreed to submit to a test.

  • The Results
The results show a concordance of 99.49%. These two individuals therefore had a common ancestor, Pierre Saindon, husband of Marie Marquer, father of Michel of Acadia and Pierre of Bains-sur-Oust, the two brothers. Michel of Acadia is the same person born in Bains-sur-Oust.

  • Recognition
Efforts are now underway to officialize this confirmation with previous genealogical research in order that Michel be included in the catalogue of ancestors confirmed by DNA ( and in the PRDH (Historic Demographic Research and Development Program at University of Montreal).