Internet  Site 
by André Sindon

The Section Reserved to Members

   Why does this section have limited access?

   It is essentially to protect certain confidential data such as the list of members. In addition, it gives members in good standing a privilege not afforded to the general public. 

   To acces this section, members must have a user name and password. This can be obtained by sending an email to the webmaster at:

An easy access for a few days

   To allow you to better appreciate the value and importance of this section, here is a temporary access, without a personal password, for the section reserved for members, until October 20

Password : 2020

During this temporary access, your user name and password will not function.

Reach the members only section

Editions and index for the Bulletin « La Lignée Saindon »

   All editions of the Bulletin in PDF format from 1996 to 2020 are now available in the section reserved for members.  There is also an index of articles by title, date and author.

Section on the 25 years of the Association

  From the editions of 1996-2019, Rémi Saindon is publishing regularly a summary by year highlighting the history of the Association and its major accomplishments.

   Great reading for both new and older members.

Updating and indexation

   The site is regularly updated based on news on Saindons on the Internet or Facebook. The webmaster ensures that the rules associated with the main web browsers, such as Google, are respected.

   As a result, when you search SAINDON,  we have the privilege to be at the top of the list and benefit from the sub-titles used and easy access.


   Recently we have had 6 new members join us through the Site, with three of them from the US.