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Many sites have been designated to honour Saindons.

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Saindon Island, NB (Hartts island)

Mun. : Fredericton : New-Brunswick

Coord. : 45° 58'  66° 45'

“We presume that it was around the time that Michel Saindon received his commission as a survyer that he acquired a small island in  the St John River a short distance from his home”.This is how Laurent Saindon began the chapter in his book “Histoire et Généalogie de la Famille Saindon d’Amérique du Nord” on his research and history of the Island.   


Saindon Road (Labelle, Qc)

Saindon, chemin

MRC. : Les Laurentides;
Rég. adm. : Laurentides
Coord. : lat 46°17' long 74°44'; Sheet : 31J/07

Louis Saindon : pionneer of the /Labelle" region in 1885 which was known as "Chûtes aux Iroquois".

Saindon Lake (Labelle)

Mun. : Labelle, M; MRC : Les Laurentides; Rég. adm. : Laurentides
Coord. : 46°17' 74°47'; Sheet : 31J/07

See above

Saindon Terrace (Lachute, Qc)

Mun. : Lachute, V; MRC : Argenteuil; Rég. adm. : Laurentides
Coord. : 45°39' 74°20'; Sheet : 31G/09

Pierre Saindon Street (Rimouski)

Mun. : Rimouski, V; MRC : Rimouski-Neigette; Rég. adm. : Bas-Saint-Laurent
Coord. : 48°27' 68°32'; Feuillet : 22C/07

Pierre Saindon Road (Saint-Donat)

Mun. : Saint-Donat, P; MRC : La Mitis; Rég. adm. : Bas-Saint-Laurent
Coord. : 48°30' 68°16'; Sheet : 22C/08

Father Pierre Saindon

Saindon agricultural water stream (Cléricy)

Mun. : Cléricy, M; MRC : Rouyn-Noranda; Rég. adm. : Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Coord. : 48°22' 78°51'; Feuillet : 32D/07

Alphonse Saindon, pionneer of the Cléricy Village in the Abitibi region, Qc. around 1936.

Saindon Lakes (Northern region of Québec)

Mun. : Rivière-Koksoak, NO; MRC : Kativik; Rég. adm. : Nord-du-Québec
Coord. : 55°36' 73°30'; Feuillet : 33P/12

Saindon Lake (Côte Nord)

Mun. : Lac-au-Brochet, NO; MRC : La Haute-Côte-Nord; Rég. adm. : Côte-Nord
Coord. : 49°13' 69°45'; Feuillet : 22F/04

No informations available.

Saindon Street (Laval)

Mun. : Laval, V; MRC : Laval; Rég. adm. : Laval
Coord. : 45°35' 73°45'; Sheet : 31H/12

From alphabetical list. No reference to a specific Saindon.

Fernand Saindon school (Notre-Dame des Monts)

85, rue Notre-Dame
Notre-Dame-des-Monts (Québec)
G0T 1L0

Father Fernand Saindon

Saindon channel and shoal (Matawinie)

Mun. : Baie-de-la-Bouteille, NO; MRC : Matawinie; Rég. adm. : Lanaudière
Coord. : 46°47' 73°46'; Sheett : 31I/13

From an old map of 1894.

Saindon Street (Chertsey)

Mun: Chertsey, M; MRC : Matawinie; Rég. adm. : Lanaudière
Coord. 46° 39' 74° 20'

Jean-Marie Saindon developper and contractor of the region

Saindon Street (Cacouna)

Mun. : Cacouna; Municipalité; MRC : Rivière-du-Loup; Rég. Adm. : Bas-du-Fleuve
Coord. : 45°56' 69°30'; Sheet : 21N/14-0202

Michel Saindon : first ancestor of all North American Saindons and pionner of Cacouna and L'Isle-Verte region in the province of Québec.

Saindon Street (L'Assomption)

Mun. :L'Assomption (Ville); MRC :L'Assomption, Rég. Adm. : Lanaudière.
Coord. : 45°50' 73°25'; Sheet : 31H/13-0101R

Joseph Saindon : pionneer of an important cheese industry in the region.

Saindon Street and cemetery (Sayabec)

Mun. : Sayabec, M; MRC : La Matapédia; Rég. adm. : Bas-Saint-Laurent
Coord. : 48°34' 67°41'; Sheet : 22B/12

Saindon street (St-Étienne-de-Lauzon)

A street in a new development will be named after a Saindon family living in the area since 1872.

Gilles Saindon was mayor from 1989 to 1992 and Jean-Marie, his brother, city councellor.

Lucien Saindon nursing home

26 de l'Hôpital,
Lamèque, NB

Saindon Dr (Richer, MB)

Street on which the Manitoba Saindons ancestral house (orange marker) is located build by Charles Saindon, pionneer of the region.. It was named by Lucien Saindon, one of his descendants, who divided the farm in lots.

Rue Saindon (Edmundston, NB)

In honor of Father Benjamin Saindon of St-Jacques le Majeur parish, Edmundston from 1973 to 1980.