2018 : St-Arsène, QC

A warm welcome and an impeccable organization

More than 40 people were present to Gathering 2018 in St-Arsène. Rémi and Lucie, the organizers, with the help of their family, and prepared well to welcome us.
  • Wines and cheeses
Cheeses from the Cheese dairy of the Basques of Trois-Pistoles and accompanied with wines chosen cautiously. All feasted. The premises of the City Council were completely suited and had been decorated for circumstances.

  • Fraisière Lebel
 The next day, after coffee and brioches at the school Desbiens, the guided tour of Fraisière Lebel by bus and with Richard Lebel, our guide. We received a basket from delicious cornflowers in present.
A fraisière but much more ! Fruits and vegetables of all kinds are cultivated and sold on the local market. More than 25 employees among whom several pickers of Mexico and Central America, under the friendly "guidance" of Clémence Saindon.

  • The annual Assembly
Chaired by Claude Saindon, besides the usual business, amendments of the regulation adopted during last year were confirmed about the term in office of the administrators and the definition of "associate member" to include every person interested in the cause of Saindon. Since then, three members of France were added.
Ginette Fontan, president of the Circle of genealogy of the country of Oust and Villaine, was named a honorary member to underline her important role in the realization of the unveiling of the commemorative panel, the reception of our participants and the discovery of Michel Saindon's homestead.
A tribute was returned to Rosaire Saindon who died during the year, for its big interest for the history and the genealogy of Saindon well before the creation of the Association and its articles on the Deportation of the Acadians. It is necessary to remember that the name of the bulletin " The Lineage " is a suggestion of Rosaire.
Thanks to Gilles Saindon of Repentigny who agreed to fill the vacancy to the board of directors. He and his sister Nathalie, are members of the family of Jean-Maurice.
Claude Saindon was congratulated to have accepted treasurer's role besides that of the president.

  • The distillery and the ducks
In the afternoon, in small groups, the subscribers were invited to visit a local distillery as well as a breeding of duck. All returned enchanted with their experience(experiment).

  • Théophile Saindon, citizen of St-Arsène
On returning to the school, Rémi and his wife Lucie told us Théophile's pioneer of St-Arsène his wife Philomène Michaud and their kinship in the form of a very successful and funny dialogue because of the repartees of Philomène to her Théophile !

  • Michel Saindon's video
André Sindon presented a video on Michel Saindon's history and scattering of Saindon in North America; it will be presented during the unveiling of the commemorative panel.

  • Banquet
Yes, it was a real one, prepared and served by the good care of Noëlline and Bertrand Dubé and the chicken, cooked by Brigitte and Jean Guerette, was particularly delicious.
In the evening, Jean-Maurice sang his humorous Saindon song on the air of the «Happy Troubadours» and a guitarist offered us his song and music to dance.

  • It was a success story
Thanks to Rémi, Lucie, the help of their family, the cooperation of Lea Vachon and Nathalie Saindon. It was an excellent reunion in the enchanting setting of the Bas-du-Fleuve.