2019 Gathering in Longueuil, QC

The young Saindons were there ... photo galery

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The highlight if this event was the presence of youger Saindons.

A "tour de force"
A "tour de force" of the organizers, Nathalie and Claude Saindon with the help of Lea Vachon.
It is particularly the games activities offered by Randolf by the main animator Guillaume, son of Danièle Saindon and Ghislain Thibodeau which raised their interest. Even my grandson, Merlin, was there. His mother, Élise, had fun also.

Benefiting from "reduced price" !
More than fifty persons registered at "reduced price", available for the first time this year. So, as early as the end of June, the organizers had a good estimate of the number of participants. An experience to be renewed. One must note the presence of a large number of descendants of Jean-Maurice Saindon and Pauline, parents of Nathalie.

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Wine and cheese 

On Friday, welcomed by Martine Saindon and Lea Vachon, according to tradition, the participants savored wine and cheese. We had the pleasure of seeing again Thérèse Saindon and her husband Hermel Levesque, accompagnied by her sisters Anne-Marie, from Connecticut, and Florence, both always faithful to attend the gatherings.

The Unveiling
The unveiling of the commemorative panel was in the spotlight ! A summary of the activity recalled the generosity of the members who contributed more than $4000 and the success of the unveiling at Bains-sur-Oust due to the attendance of seventeen persons from Québec : they are keeping an unforgettable memory of the warm welcome of the Bainsois. A 20 minutes video was presented and congratulations were addressed to André Sindon, coordonnator of the program. A financial statement was presented at the Annal Meeting showing a surplus of $975.

Visitors from Bains and the 25th anniversary
Our hosts from Bains will be visiting us in August 2020, attending the 25th anniversary celebration of the foundation of the Association. A two days program was presented and a specific budget of $3000 allowed, coming from of the investments of the Association if necessary, to celebrate this important event.

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The elections
Claude Saindon, president, presented the financial statements as treasurer at the Annuel meeting. Rémi Saindon was elected on the board of directors replacing Gilles Saindon who had to resign for family reasons.. André et Sylvie Saindon won the free registrations for new members.
Songs and dances
Followed a musical evening animated by « Les Siffleurs de Nuit» group. The younger Saindons were on the dance floor in large number showing energy and charm.

The Saindons songs written by Jean-Maurice.

conseil d'administration

Board of directors 2019-2020
Nathalie Saindon, president, Lea Vachon, vice-president, Claude Saindon, treasurer, Rémi Saindon, secretary et André Sindon, director.

Many thanks to "L'Entraide Chez Nous" for the free lending of the reunion local. 

Congratulations to the organizers and many thanks to the participants.

Many thanks also to "Entraide" group for the free local for the Gathering..