Biographical sketches of the authors

André Sindon

André has often been intrigued by the spelling of its name which is unusual. In 1980, he began research in the region of Rivière-du-Loup to find an explanation. He meets Laurent Saindon who devoted his retirement to researching the history and genealogy of the Saindon. This is the beginning of a long friendship and exchanges of information that will last until the death of Laurent in 1989.
Retired physician, André became a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Saindon of North America in 1995 and served as Secretary general until 2009. With the help of his wife, Louise, he set up the administrative structure of the Association while continuing to be interested in the genealogy. Freed from administrative tasks, he can then devote himself entirely to the history and genealogy of the Saindon.

Louise Camirand, GFA*

Louise was always interested in research. She often said to relatives that she would have liked to be an archaeologist. It is in someway what she carries out in genealogy "rummaging" archives and documents with attention to details. With great intuition and flair, she is clever to elucidate the most ambiguous data, patient to decipher the most difficult to read acts. Retired Secretary, Louise spent many years in the management of the Association as Assistant to the general Secretary, Treasurer and now Registrar.

*Accedited genealogist.

Andrée Thinel

Saindon by her mother, Blanche, Andrée is enthusiast for the cause of the Saindons' genealogy. Member of the Board of Directors for several years, she is the source of several interesting initiatives including a collection of articles from «La Lignée Saindon», newletter of the North American Association of Saindons.
A meticulous researcher, she is a French professor at retirement. She is the «good French»  expert .
Living in the Laurentians mountains, North of Montréal, she has been able to recruit many descendants of Louis Saindon and Arthémise Lévesque, pionneers of this region. She is a specialist of female descendants of Michel Saindon and Marie-Yves.

Robert A. Saindon

A native of the United States, Robert A., after having been Professor for over thirteen years and then involved in the diocese of Western Montana, became Coordinator of a publishing house and then Director of a corporation of economic development.
He is interested in the Lewis and Clark expedition and is involved in the Trail Heritage Foundation. Married second wedding to an Indian, it will be formally adopted by the Assiniboine tribe. Parallel to these activities, he conducts research on its origins Saindon and published the two books mentioned in this site. Two other books on the Saindon are in preparation.

Laurent Saindon (1911-1989)

A native of Notre-Dame-du-Postage, Qc, he made career in education. Pioneer researchers about the Saindon, he devoted his retirement to historical and genealogical research during the last 16 years of his life. His publications have inspired the founders of the Association of Saindon created in 1995.
By the same author: the origins of Notre-Dame-du-Portage, 1981, 92 pages.