2018 : Panel at Bains-sur-Oust

Commemorative panel unveiling

On Septembre 15, the Association has unveiled a panel to commemorate Michel Saindon's baptism in Bains-sur-Oust, Brittany. Seventeen persons of the Association attended the unveiling ceremony.

In close collaboration with the Oust and Vilaine County Genealogy Club, the Association had developed a three days program for members that could be added to a larger journey that the participants had planned themselves.
A great success.

Coverage report

  • Something we will remember for a long time
Everything took place as planned and even better thanks to the warm welcome we received. The participants and hosts will remember this unique experience that unfolded in a perfect and harmonious fashion for a long time. 
“You must be nervous” one of the participants asked me when we arrived. “Not at all” I answered, as I  trusted the relationship we had established with the local organizer, Ginette Fontan and I knew the participants well, responsible individuals, most of whom were comfortable travelling and who had already established contact with their hosts prior to arriving.
  • Welcoming Reception
The Friday afternoon each of the participants arrived at their host’s residence and then together they went to the Auberge La Morinais where the Genealogical Society of Oust and Vilaine (CGOV) offered a delicious Breton style supper.
At this event we presented Ginette Fontan with her card as an Honorary member of the Association, a laminated crest to the CGOV and an Association pin to each of the hosts. The participants introduced themselves and all received a souvenir photo.
  • The Unveiling
This took place the following morning Saturday at 10 am.
After introductory remarks by Ginette Fontan and the Mayor Marc Derval, I spoke describing progression of our research over more than twenty years that led to the origins of Michel.
I highlighted the invaluable support we had received  from our collaborators in France, especially Jean-Luc Guyot,  the Saindons of Bléheu, Marie-Noëlle Jouan, Patrick Callo and Joseph Cindon. All of these individuals were present at the unveiling with the exception of the Saindons of Bléheu and Joseph Cindon who had since passed away. Joseph’s wife Marie-Hélène, his daughter Céline and his son Rémi were however present. Finally, I thanked Ginette who was the key organizer for the event and  for coordinating the Bainsois hosts.
  • Vin d’honneur Reception
After the unveiling, the musicians and dancers of the local group Korollerien ar Vro , in traditional dress, accompanied us to the municipal hall for a vin d’honneur  reception. 
The Mayor presented us with the municipal medal of merit, a large bread replica of the crest of the town as well as a number of local specialities that were later shared with the participants.
On our side, the Association presented a laminated crest to the Mayor and copies of our publications (Dictionary and Greffe) to the head of the municipal library.
  • Les Cousinades Reunion
The next stop was a few kilometres from Bains at the St-Méen Chapel, under a large tent, for a delicious picnic prepared for us by our hosts with the opportunity to meet with the descendants of the brother and sisters of Michel. Over the past year the CGOV had identified these descendants specifically for this occasion: Cousinades.
During the event we were invited to taste a 1978 bottle of “La Goutte”, a Breton alcoholic liquor similar to the Normand Calvados.
  • The Ancestral Home
Exclusively for the Association participants, Ginette invited us to visit the site of the paternal home of Michel nearby. Covered in branches and bushes, the ruins of the house had been cleared earlier by the members of the CGOV to allow us access.  The current owner of the site, Mrs. Geneviève Pacory authorized our visit.
After a day filled with activities and especially emotions, the participants returned home with their hosts while some continued the celebrations at restaurants.
  • Lunch Cruise on the Vilaine River
It was the occasion on Sunday for the participants to thanks the hosts for their hospitality.
The luxury cruise on a boat operated by Vedettes Jaunes of Redon was complimented by an excellent meal and accompanying wine. The cruise from Redon to Folleux lasted three and half hours.
On our return, some of us visited the village of Rochefort en Terre which had  been recognized in 2016 as one of France’s most beautiful villages.
  • Farewell Reception of Fellowship
That evening, in a relaxed atmosphere, we all got together for a reception where we had the opportunity to taste the Séverine pastries and crepes accompanied by local cider. During the evening, one of our hosts, Christian Joubaud with his accordion led us in folk songs.
As a gift of thanks, the Association offered copies of Laurent Saindon’s publications, the Dictionary and Michel’s Greffe to the CGOV.
It was the end of our successful visit, beyond all expectations and we thanked and paid tribute to those responsible for the organization.

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