From The Board 

Yes, Still Here !

                                              by Lea Vachon, vice-président

   In the situation that we are all living these days, one of the major preoccupations of the Board is maintaining our presence with our members.

   As it is with all of you, we deal with the circumstances and we continue our lives, albeit adapting. Although our social interactions have been restricted, the Association is not in a “pause” mode nor “hibernating”.  Our aim is to remain as alive and present to our members as possible.

   Having said that, what is your Board doing?


   Our Web Page: is being constantly updated and contains an enormous amount of information, news and data. You are encouraged to consult it regularly.

   The Bulletin La Lignée: This October electronic/digital Bulletin is a first experiment with this format which aims to provide the same traditional information with the use of modern technology

   In December, we will be sending out a paper copy special edition Bulletin highlighting our 25th anniversary. In the Spring, it is our intention, once again, to produce an electronic edition which will include, among other items, our plans for the coming year.

   Finances: Although we did not have an Annual General Meeting this year, we wanted to ensure that members were aware of our financial situation for the past year which is addressed further in this Bulletin.


   Your Board of Directors continues to meet regularly via Skype or ZOOM to deal with the administrative management of the organization.

   Annual Reunion : As you know, this activity was cancelled for this year. However, we have taken the decision that, if the situation permits, we plan to organize, next year, a special Reunion to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  As a result of this decision, we will begin studying format options for the event, similar to what was planned for this year or a modified version, with or without our guests from Brittany. Early in the new year we will begin preliminary planning with the hope that by April we will be able to take a final go/no go decision.

   Consultations: The technology that ZOOM offers provides new opportunities to contact and consult our members and we are considering its use in gaining ideas and opinions from various groups of members.

   Your Role

   It is an unexpected but pleasant surprise that, in the current situation, our membership continues to grow.  However, especially now, we need your participation to maintain a vibrant association.  We are in search of articles, information and news from you for our publications and web site. In addition, we welcome your comments on our Bulletin (format/contents), our finances, our plans for activities or any other subject you may wish to address with us.  To assist you in commenting, a link has been included at the end of this Bulletin.

   In conclusion, we must remain present and active in order that, when life returns to “normal”, we will not be starting from zero or simply picking up the pieces but rather moving forward with momentum and strength to face our next 25 years.