The birth of the Association (1st part)

The Association was founded by Fernand, Robert and Yvon Saindon in 1995. This is what Fernand tells us in an article he wrote in "La Lignée Saindon" of May 2005 that follows regarding the birth of the Association.

You will see that the publication of Laurent Saindon's researches on the Saindons'
genealogy and history by his son Marc was a trigger event for the founders. Unfortunatly Laurent was never aware of the influence of his work because he died in 1989 before the Association was created in 1995.

by Fernand Saindon
(English translation, Lea Vachon)
While reading the article entitled “A Word from the Board of Directors” written by André Sindon in the latest bulletin La lignée Saindon, I felt I should get involved in this subject. As Yvon had passed away recently and Robert having lost much of his mobility lately, I believed therefore that if fell on me to present my version of the story of the founding of our Association. 

  • Firstly, a few genealogic relationships
Yvon was the son of Ernest Saindon and Robert the son of Alfred Saindon.  Ernest and Alfred were brothers and their father was Arsène Saindon (6th generation (2) in the book of Laurent Saindon).  As for myself, my father Uldège was the brother of Robert.  Yvon and Robert were first cousins and Robert was my uncle. 
Fernand Saindon
Robert Saindon
Yvon Saindon

The evolution of the idea to found the Association

      Robert, as he was the parish priest in the region (St-François-Xavier de Viger and St-Arsène) for many years, came often to see my father in St-Modeste.  During his visits to my parents we met occasionally. In fact, I was the master of ceremonies at the 25th anniversary of Robert’s ordination into the priesthood.
      In 1985, Robert being very interested in genealogy made a trip to Europe to try and find information on Michel Saindon, our ancestor. He spoke to me often of his genealogical findings and his interest in some form of bringing together of those related. 
      Finally in 1992, the books of Laurent Saindon, father of Marc and Jacques, were published; I anxiously bought a copy in order to better understand my lineage. These opportunities stimulated my interest in everything related to Saindon genealogy, especially after reading Laurent’s two books.
      As for Robert, he kept contact with Laurent’s family, even after he passed away.

The meetings of the three founders

     In the spring of 1994, Yvon resided in Lac Beauport and I in Beauport. I didn’t know Yvon at that time but had met his brother Léo during a trip to California in 1970. Robert had mentioned Yvon’s interest in this idea and had provided me with his address. 
     It was decided to have a first meeting of the three which was held at my house in Beauport. That was the kick-off: and all it took for us to decide to work together on the project and, after three meetings, the general orientation lines were established.  During the following months, the meetings allowed us to add more details to our project.

The foundation of the Association

     Our first preoccupation was to find out if others were interested in the project and, if so, who?

  • Should the Association cover Quebec, Canada or North America?
  • What would be its objectives?
  • How to generate the credibility and funds necessary to start the Association?
  • The commemorative bronze plaque!
      It was by way of a survey poll in September 1994 that we decided to enlarge the circle of those interested based on regions:  Bas de Fleuve, Robert; Quebec and Montreal, Yvon; and the other Canadian provinces and the United States, Fernand.
     One hundred and fifty questionnaires were sent out and we received fifteen replies. Even if the quantity was not there...the quality...was. 
      In June 1995, we decided to create the Association.  Each founding member paid a life membership ($300) and these funds were used to start the Association:
  • Yvon as president,
  • Robert as vice-president and
  • Fernand as treasurer.

The growth of the Association

Claude Saindon
Madeleine Saindon

Jean-Pierre Saindon

      Following our survey we recruited Claude, Madeleine and Jean Pierre.
      This was very productive as they soon put us in contact with others interested in the Saindon genealogy especially in the United States.  In fact, Sister Veronica Roy provided me with a list of names and informed me that she had written a book on the subject “Our Saindon Cousins”, which I rushed out and bought. Unfortunately, Sister Roy passed away that same year. 
      I also corresponded with Rosamond Barland of California: she was present, with four others, at the gathering at Cacouna in 1996.  Of note, she became a life member, number MV-004.  Neleda Desbiens-Jones was also very cooperative and offering important support to the Association.  Both of these persons have now passed away. 
      This work required the aid of many unnamed individuals, employers who provided photocopy services (maybe without knowing it) and spouses who participated in many of the campaigns and activities necessary for the planning and launching of the project.

The priorities

  • Recruiting members (Robert and Yvon for Quebec and Fernand and Claude for those outside)
  • Incorportation and crest (Yvon)
  • The bulletin (Claude, Madeleine, Jean Pierre and Fernand)
  • Meeting at Cacouna in July, 1996 (all)
  • Commemorative plaque at Cacouna (Yvon and Thérèse Fontaine) 

The first grand reunion at Cacouna

     The gathering in July 1996 with 300 participants provided the kick-off.  A large part of our recruiting took place at this event.  Some 30 participants had come from outside Quebec.  There was a strong representation from Manitoba, thanks to the key contacts of Claude.
      The first annual meeting took place at the church in Cacouna with simultaneous translation.  In the absence of Yvon who was ill, Claude presided the meeting and was elected president.  At least one hundred members were present.  A mass followed and a group photo was taken at that time. 

The 1st elected board of directors

Front  :
Irene Miller, vice-president (United-States)
Madeleine Saindon, secretary (Québec)

Back :
Fernand Saindon, treasurer (Beauport)
Claude Saindon, president (Québec)
André Sindon, administrator (Montréal)

The future of the Saindon Association (as seen in 2005)

      Here we are now, 10 years later before an Association well structured with a board of directors, different committees and an internet site.
      I want to take opportunity to sincerely thank all those who participated to assure a dynamic continuation of our project and those who will carry on in the future. 
      One of the most important sources of inspiration for the founding members were the books of Laurent Saindon who spent more than 10 years of his free time searching and gathering the information so that future generations could retrace their origins. I am also encouraged to see that his sons, Marc and Jacques, are continuing his work. 
      I would like also to pay homage to one of the early pillars, Claude Saindon, the second president to the Association, without whom our bulletin would not exist.   Also we must mention André Saindon, under whose presidency the Association saw great growth.  Finally, I believe André Sindon and his wife Louise Camirand deserve our greatest esteem for the innumerable hours of volunteer service they have given to the “SAINDON” cause. 
      I wish long life to the Association and it is an immense pleasure for me to see that our successors are there, ready to face new challenges for the benefit of our current and future members.

History of the Association (part 2)