History of the Association (Part 2)

Claude Saindon and the bulletin

     Claude joined the Association following an announcement to recruit members published in a Quebec newspaper by the board of directors at the time. 
     Claude, being in the communications field with the Quebec English service of Radio-Canada, suggested the publication of a bulletin for which he would be responsible. 
     The first bulletin appeared in December, 1995, many months before the grand reunion in July, 1996.  Its present name La Lignée Saindon was proposed by Rosaire Saindon at the 1997 annual meeting.

Board of directors 1995

     In addition to Yvon Saindon, first president of the Association, Robert, vice-president, Fernand, treasurer and Claude, secretary, there was also Madeleine and Jean-Pierre Saindon. 
     Madeleine was recruited by Claude following information that his son had provided that there was “a Saindon” working in a neighbourhood restaurant. 
     Jean-Pierre was on the board before the arrival of Claude, but cannot recall how he was recruited.  As we mentioned at the beginning, our memory is not always what it used to be! 

The monument at Michel Saindon's House

     A monument was erected in the spring of 1995 on a part of the original plot of land of Michel Saindon.  This piece of land was given over for a modest sum by Gisèle Saindon-Levesque and her husband who owned the land at that time.
      The monument is a commemorative plaque mounted on a stone, the entire cost of which was assumed by Yvon Saindon and his wife Thérèse Fontaine.  A short time later, Robert paid for a cement base for the plaque.

The Crest

Claude did not have any details on this subject as it took place before he joined the Association. 
     Three years ago, the Association received a letter from Mr D. Renaud, heraldist, renouncing his copyright without any further explanation.  The Association files contain a number of models dating back to the beginning of the Association.  According to Fernand’s article, it was Yvon who was responsible for this project.      

Description of the crest (french)

Recruiting Saindons from the United States

     It was Fernand Saindon who made contact with Sister Veronica Roy who had published a book on the Saindons who had immigrated to Kansas. There was also the key participation of Neleda Desbiens-Jones, a regular correspondent of Laurent Saindon, whose maternal grandmother was Adéline Saindon, of Rosamond Barland of California whose mother was Olive Saindon and of Irene Wallace-Miller who many knew and whose mother was Régina Saindon. Her husband, Don, is still a member of the Association.

     Preparation for the Grand Reunion 1996

     This was the major preoccupation for the board of directors in 1995-96. “We were full of ambition and even rashness” Claude told us.  Important sums had been committed to reserve the Arena in Rivière-du-Loup based on an anticipated participation of hundreds of Saindons, but a few weeks before the event there was only 75 confirmed registrations!
 “It was a panic” recalls Claude.
      As he had access to the regional telephone books though his work, he pulled out all the Saindons and they divided up the phone calls to make.  Their method worked, as 300 people finally participated at the grand reunion in 1996, a record that still has never been surpassed!
      As for myself, I didn’t receive a phone call because of the spelling of my name, SIN instead of SAIN, but I was there thanks to Ann Lalumière, wife of Marc Saindon.  She knew me as we had already met at her brother in law Laurent’s place that I frequented since 1980.  While we were at a pharmacist convention, where I was participating on one of the panels, she asked me “Are you going to the Saindon reunion?”  And that was it, I was on my way!  I am still very grateful to her for having let me know. 

The Advent of a New Era

     At the grand reunion in 1996 a new board of directors was elected: Claude Saindon, president, Irene Miller, vice-president, Madeleine Saindon, secretary, Fernand Saindon, treasurer, Richard Saindon, administrator and André Sindon, administrator.
     At the 1997 General Assembly,  all board members resigned except André Sindon.  Due to a judicious  intervention of Bernard Sindon who was first to volunteers, a new board is elected André Saindon (Cacouna), president, Bernard Sindon, vice-president, André Sindon, secretary-treasurer, Rosaire Saindon  and Robert Saindon, administrators
      It was the beginning of another era. The bulletin, put together by André Saindon, is published regularly.  While he was president, with a restructured secretariat, the Association took a flight and brought the stability and success we see today.