1997 - Hilton Annual Meeting

Rémi Saindon, secretary of the Association, is writing a summary of the highlights since the creation of the Association in 1995.

Here is his third posting....

Posting # 3
Annual meeting at Hilton Hotel, Québec, QC

1997 was a year of transition between the team that created the Association and the next one.
   Here is a summary of the annual meeting which took place in Quebec city on Saturday September 13, 1997 at the Hilton Hotel.

Finding of Michel Saindon's birth certificate

   André Sindon presented the results of his research on the origins of Michel Saindon in France who with the help of Jean-Luc Guyot, amateur genealogist from St-Gilles and of Yvette Saindon and her brothers from Bains-sur-Oust, Brittany, had found the birth certificate of a Michel Saindon, possibly the ancestor of the Saindons of North America, born December 2, 1715 in Bains-sur-Oust, son of Pierre Saindon and Marie Marquer. (1)

Resignation of the board of directors

   At the 1997 annual meeting, the board of directors for the previous year resigned as a whole except for André Sindon.
   After a long moment of dismay, Bernard Sindon speaking to Robert Saindon said to him: "If you accept to be on the board of directors, I will accept too".
   André Saindon of Cacouna and Rosaire Saindon of St-Eustache agreed to complete the board of directors.

   It was a critical moment, because after so much effort, the Association had almost ceased to exist.

1997 board of directors and orientations

  • André Saindon of Cacouna, president
  • Bernard Sindon, vice-president  
  • André Sindon, secretary-treasurer
  • Father Robert et Rosaire Saindon, administrators
  • Louise Camirand, secretary-treasurer assistant (2)

Orientations of the Association

   The board of directors with the help of members presented the main orientations that the board should take. Here are the main ltopics of this discussion:

Suggestions for intensifying recruitment:

  • Improve the newsletter to make it more personal by posting profiles of individuals, gossip, birthday notices, etc. The Saindons are said to be too low-key and self-effacing to publicize the exploits of family members.
  • That a directory of the Saindons Association members with addresses and telephone numbers should be sent to each member.
  • That the Association be more aggressive in its requests for members to renew their membership cards.
  • That a mandate be given to each member of the Association to recruit a new member.

Other activites :

  • That we encourage the Saindons of a given region (e.g. those of St-Étienne or those of Cacouna) to organize regional activities such as corn roasts and picnics and invite the Saindons from elsewhere.
  • Consider organizing a charter trip to Acadia to visit the places where Michel Saindon and his family lived before settling in Cacouna

Gift of land and plaque

  • The Association received during the fiscal year, as a donation, a bronze plaque valued at $ 1,600. It was offered by the outgoing President of the Association, Mr. Yvon Saindon and his wife, Mrs. Thérèse Fontaine.
  • The land on which the plaque is installed was donated by Mr. Georges-Henri Lévesque and his wife Gisèle (Saindon) Lévesque. This is a parcel of the lot that belonged to Michel Saindon. (see previous article)
     Since the summer the expenses and revenues associated with the Grand Gathering '96 have been calculated and the data for this exercise will be part of the next financial report of the Treasurer of the Association. Suffice to say, that the Association has barely covered its costs, so after the newsletter you are reading is dmailed, there will be around $ 550 in the bank, hence the importance of renewals of memberships to your Association. (3)

Financial report of Great Gathering 1996

   Regarding the Great Gathering of Saindons in July '96, the Association's treasurer, Fernand Saindon, had given the following report:
1. Membership fees: $ 3,375.00
2. Interest                        $ 0.90
Total                                                       $ 3,375.90
1. Stationery, stamps, etc. $ 1,482.97
2. Surveyor, notary               $ 941.29
3. Contribution-Fam. Asso   $ 123.00
4. Incorporation fees            $ 160.93
5. Hall rental                         $ 113.97
Total                                                        $ 2,822.16
Surplus:                                                      $ 553.54

Origins of Michel Saindon in France

Survey of the Saindons of France

 by André Sindon
    In order to better orient research on the origins of Michel Saindon in France which is still ongoing thanks to the collaboration of a French amateur genealogist, Jean-Luc Guyot, the Association carried out a survey among some Saindons of France during last spring.

   A short questionnaire was sent to the 64 Saindons whose address appears in the telephone directory of France in order to try to identify a person who knew the genealogy of the Salndons and also to knew their region of origin.

    Frank Saindon de Nanterre replies: "I intend to do some research in the coming months and I will send you the results of my research. It is with great deep joy that I learned of the existence of your association ".

   Marguerite Saindon de Masserac ends her letter by saying "In the hope that you will find (what you are looking for) and if you could let me know I would be delighted".
Overall the survey we only received 12 responses to the survey. None of our correspondents were able to point out a person or a referral source who could help us.
The Saindons of France mainly live mainly in the north-west region (Brittany 16, Pays de Loire 22, Normandy 16 and central region 10). Those who responded to the Association's survey come without exception from the Vilaine Valley region without exception, mainly Brain and Redon. This confirms the research conducted by our historians Laurent and Robert Saindon.

   NB: At the time of this newsletter going to press, we receive a letter from Albert Saindon, a 13th respondent to our survey of Saindons in France, who believes that Michel Saindon is from Bain-sur-Oust and that he was born in 1715.
   To be continued...

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(1) source La petite histoire de l’Association 20 ans de réalisations           by André Sindon
(2)  source La Lignée Saindon vol. 3 no:2
(3)  source La Lignée Saindon vol. 3 no:3


Great Gathering
Hilton meeting

Choice of hotel

   It was because one of the first members of the Association, Jean-Pierre Saindon, worked there that this hotel was chosen.

Directory of members

   A directory was published a number of  times. Currently the list of members appears in the "members only" section of the website.

Annual meetings

   The Association has organized meetings each year in various regions, often alternating between the regions of Rivière-du-Loup, Québec and Montréal.

Promoting the Saindons !

   To follow up on the recommendation to publish a column highlighting the Saindons, André Saindon of Cacouna for a number of yearss published a column entitled "The Saindon our Champions."
   Later, Jacques Saindon  renamed it "The Saindons From Yesterday to Today".
   Thanks to these two loyal collaborators to the newsletter.

DNA comparison

   Even if in 1997 we had found the birth certificate of a Michel Saindon who could be our ancestor, it was not until 2016 that we were able to prove by a DNA comparison that the Michel born in Bains-sur-Oust was the same as the one who had emigrated to Acadia, our ancestor.