Bains-sur-Oust panel

Recent developments

January 17 2018

- The unveiling of the panel will be on September 15, 2018..
- It will be installed by the city on the main square, Square               Nominoë.
- A three days program (14-15-16) is being developped by the         Association in close collaboration with the Genealogy Club of       Oust and Vilaine region.
- There will be a fund raising campaign starting soon.

To be followed...

Follow up


Following the confirmation of the origin of Michel Saindon baptized at Bains-sur-Oust in Brittany, the Association is planning to install a commemorative plaque in this municipality.

It has launched a fundraising campaign, the first step of which was to assess the Association members's interest in this project and the amount that each would wish to contribute.

More on Bains-sur-Oust (French)

In Redon county, Brittany.

Bains-sur-Oust is located near Redon.