Bains-sur-Oust plaque

Follow up


Following the confirmation of the origin of Michel Saindon baptized at Bains-sur-Oust in Brittany, the Association is planning to install a commemorative plaque in this municipality.

It has launched a fundraising campaign, the first step of which was to assess the Association members's interest in this project and the amount that each would wish to contribute.

More on Bains-sur-Oust (French)

Survey results

Next steps

The results of the survey are very encouraging and steps have been taken with Bains-sur-Oust municipality.

It is still time to indicate your intention of participating to the fundraising. 

Steps to come :

2017AugustFinal decision (annual meeting)
2018SpringPlaque installation

In Redon county, Brittany.

Bains-sur-Oust is located near Redon.