Michel Saindon at the St-John River

Claims from Michel

   By pure chance, we discovered at the BANQ (Québec National Library and Archives) claims from Michel Saindon to the storekeeper of the Rivière St-Jean: tobacco, boards and a stay of 12 people for 6 months.
    There were also claims from his son Louis for 2 canoe trips and a day and a half of work.

   For details of these claims see the BANQ website (write SAINDON in the name box).

Historical background

   Michel Saindon born in Bains-sur-Oust in Brittany emigrated to Acadia around 1735. He settled in Rivière-St-Jean in New Brunswick (Fredericton region) with his wife Marie-Yves Godin.
   Historians Laurent and Robert A. Saindon believe that he managed the estate of his late father-in-law, Gabriel Godin, and that he was a merchant.

    In 1764, he fled to Cacouna in Quebec because of the war. It is there that he will become a royal notary.



   In the colony, there were stores established by the state in the main towns. Their supplies came from Europe but also from local merchants. 

   These stores were managed by a storekeeper and there was one in Rivière-St-Jean.

What to conclude  ?

   These claims are another proof of Michel's stay at Rivière St-Jean.
    Does it confirm that Michel was a merchant as Laurent and Robert  A. believed ?