Commemorative panel : recent news...

January 17 2018

  • The unveiling of the panel will be on September 15, 2018..
  • It will be installed by the city on the main square, Square Nominoë.
  • A three days program (14-15-16) is being developped by the Association in close collaboration with the Genealogy Club of Oust and Vilaine region.
  • There will be a fund raising campaign starting soon. 
To be followed...

Commemorative panel at Bains-sur-Oust

January 2018

CACTUS, a bi-monthly magazine on spare-time activities of Redon region in Brittany, where Bains-sur-Oust is situated and where Michel Saindon our ancestor was baptised, annonces at his front page new researches on Michel's brother and sisters descendants. 

More precisely, Ginette Fontan, président of the genealogy club is asking the collaboration of Saindon descendants to complete their informations..

                  See article (french) at .CACTUS

News from the Bains-sur-Oust Genealogy Club

Fall 2017

The Bains-sur-Oust Genealogy Club announces our 2018 meeting in the Bains-sur-Oust bulletin.

Text (French).

More informations.

Book - Saindon Family History and Gnealogy

New book in English.

Saindon Family History and Genealogy

Looking for your french roots in France and in Canada ?

Genealogical Dictionnary and History of the
Saindon - Sindon - Cindon lineage.

Origin in France, settlement first in Acadia then in the Province of Québec from where they spread to other Provinces of 

Canada and the United States.

A listing of over 13,000 individuals over 10 generations.

Index by names and marriages.
Appendix : several testimnonies and articles on the Saindons history.

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Welcome to the North American Association of Saindons website
a private non profit organization whose mission is to bring together all descendants of Michel Saindon, royal notary, and Marie-Yves Godin called Bellefontaine, Acadian.

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Joining the Association, is to become part of a family proud of its origins, its ancestors and its descendants.

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Saint-Arsène, Qc
August 10-11

Fall : unveilling of a plaque at Bains-sur-Oust, Brittany ?


 Montréal region
WAC (World Acadian Congress) : Prince Edward Island


Québec region (25th)


Lower St-Lawrence River
All Saindons in North America are from the same ancestors,

Michel Saindon, royal notary and 

Marie-Yves Godin said Bellefontaine, acadian.

There is more than 120 members in the Association.

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