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Photo : ancestral house of Michel Saindon at Bains-sur-Oust, Brittany

Inscription to "Origine" register

   We are proud to announce that the name of Michel Saindon, ancestor of all Saindons in North America, has been entered in the ORIGIN register in Québec Archives..

   This register managed by the Quebec Federation of Genealogy Societies and the French Genealogy Society keep up to date the list of the family origins of the pioneers of ancient Québec (1621-1865).

"Origin" register (write SAINDON in the "nom de famille" box) 

Saint-Méen Chapel renovation

The Saint-Méen chapel is very important to the history of the Saindons, because it is there that the parents of Michel, Pierre and Marie Marquer, were married.

We had the great pleasure of visiting the Chapel in 2018, during the unveiling of the commemorative plaque at Bains-sue-Oust, because the Genealogy Club of Oust and Vilaine Counties had organized there "Cousinades Saindon", a meeting of Saindons descendants of Bains. We were there.

 6th article on The 25 years of the Association

2000 - 2nd Great Gathering

  • Michel Saindon pioneer of Cacouna
  • The Gagnon Family

An invitation to St-Dons, Sandons, Sindons and others...

Do your ancestors originate from the large SAINDON family?

   During research on the origins of SAINDONS, the Association has sometimes found that the spelling of the name had undergone changes over the years: the most frequent being St-Don, Sindon and Sandon among others. These changes are more frequent in the United States where many Saindons from Quebec emigrated towards the end of the 19th century.

   If your name is one of the above or similar, maybe you belong to the large SAINDON family?

If you are interested in knowing more, send a message to

A new commemorative panel at the ancestral house in Cacouna

   A new commemorative panel has been installed recently at the ancestral house of Michel Saindon in Cacouna*. It indicates that 

Michel was baptized on December 2, 1715, at Bains-sur-Oust, Brittany.

   Thereby, it shows the real year of birth of the ancestor. Formerly, it was believed that he was born in 1717 as indicated on a first plaque installed in 1995.

   In 2018, a commmemorative panel  was installed at Bains-sur-Oust in Brittany desscribing the life of Michel in North America after he left Brittany.

* Paid by a special fund raising campaign of members last Spring.

Book - Saindon Family History and Genealogy

New book in English.

Saindon Family History and Genealogy

Looking for your french roots in France and in Canada ?

Genealogical Dictionnary and History of the
Saindon - Sindon - Cindon lineage.

Origin in France, settlement first in Acadia then in the Province of Québec from where they spread to other Provinces of 

Canada and the United States.

A listing of over 13,000 individuals over 10 generations.

Index by names and marriages.
Appendix : several testimnonies and articles on the Saindons history.

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The ancestors

All Saindons in North America are from the same ancestors,

Michel Saindon, royal notary from Bains-sur-Oust in Brittany and 

Marie-Yves Godin said Bellefontaine, Acadian.

The Association

Saindon - Sindon - Cindon - St-Don

Welcome to the North American Association of Saindons site, 
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bring together all descendants of Michel Saindon, royal notary and Marie-Yves Godin-Bellefonatine, Acadian.


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