Famous deceased Saindons

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Laurent Saindon  (1911-1989)

  • Laurent Saindon
  • Laurent et Rita Talbot
  • Maison paternelle à Notre-Dame du Portage

Pionneer of historical and genealogical research on the Saindons.
He inspired the founders to create the North American Association of Saindons.

Father Robert Saindon (1924-2005)

  • Robert Saindon
  • Robert Saindon
  • Robert Saindon

One of the founding members of the Association and pastor of many villages in the Rivière-du-Loup and Rimouski area in the province of Québec

Parish priest Joseph-Cléophas Saindon (1866-1941)

  • Curé Joseph-Cléophas Saindon
  • Curé Joseph Cléophas Saindon
  • Pierre tombale J.-C. Saindon

Founding pastor of Sayabec in the Matapédia valley which was previously known as"Village Saindon" (Saindon village).


Sr Veronica Roy (1939-1995)

Sr Veronica Roy

Grand-daughter of Laura Saindon and author of "Our Saindons Cousins", an important book on the Saindons of Kansas.


Zoël Saindon (1919-1998)

    Mayor of Lachute city, Qc and member of Québec parliament.

Father Pierre Saindon (1889-1950)

  • Abbé Pierre Saindon

    Founder of Rimouski agricultural school.

Gérard Sindon-Gécin (1909-2000)

Gérard Sindon-Gécin

Grandson of Augustin Saindon from Cacouna who lived almost 30 yrs in Ontario and changed his family name to "Sindon". Gérard had the penname of "Gécin". 

Painter and graphist, specialist of China ink on white pape, painted over 1000 drawings and many were bought by the Canada National Galery and the Museum of Québec Province..

Parish priest Fernand Saindon (1912-1986)

Curé Fernand Saindon

Pastor of Notre-Dame des Monts parish from 1956 to 1963.


Parish priest Lucien Saindon (1908-1967)

Pastor of Lamèque, NB from 1950 to 1967.

Father Émile Saindon (1891-1935)

Père Émile Saindon

Missionary and founder of several missions in the James Bay (CAN) area.

Napoléon Charles Joseph Saindon (1864-1939)

Napoléon Joseph Charles Saindon et Éliza Chouinard

Charles Saindon and Éliza Chouinard, pionneers of Richer region in Manitoba.


Achille Saindon (1846-1924)

Achille Saindon et Heniette Caron

Achille Saindon and Henriette Caron pionneers of the Zurich region, KS.


"Jake" Saindon (1852-1934)

Jake Saindon et Eugénie Bernier

     Jacques Saindon and Eugénie Bernier amongs the first Saindons to settle to Kansas.


Oscar Saindon (1922-1992)

Oscar Saindon

Mayor of Canton Joly (Labelle, Qc) from 1967 to 1973.

Joseph, Émile et Benjamin Saindon, priests

Joseph, Émile et Benjamin Saindon

Three priests from the same family.

Joseph Saindon (1910-1969)

Notworthy personality and mayor of "La Conception", city located North of Montréal, Qc from 1949 to 1950.

André-Michel Saindon (1933-2013)

A reliable volunteer honored for his many contributions to the comunity of Musquodoboit Harbor, NS..

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