DNA confirmation

Origin of Michel Saindon : evidence by DNA

by André Sindon
It’s confirmed!

After more than 30 years of research, we have confirmed through DNA testing that Michel Saindon, baptized in Bains-sur-Oust in Brittany on 2 December 1715, is in fact the same person who emigrated to Acadia around 1735; the first ancestor of all Saindons in North America.

  • A Comparison
This is how we did it.
The DNA profile of the Y chromosome in men of the same lineage is almost integrally transmitted from father to son. 
It was therefore necessary to compare the DNA of a descendant of Michel Saindon in America with that of a descendant of Pierre, Michel’s brother, to confirm a common ancestor, their father, who had passed to them his unaltered chromosomes.
Initially we had to establish a solid base of comparison in America by collecting the DNA of three Saindons whose ancestry to Michel was certain. The genetic DNA markers of these persons was identical.
We then found a descendant of Pierre Saindon, brother of Michel, who agreed to submit to a test.

  • The Results
The results show a concordance of 99.49%. These two individuals therefore had a common ancestor, Pierre Saindon, husband of Marie Marquer, father of Michel of Acadia and Pierre of Bains-sur-Oust, the two brothers. Michel of Acadia is the same person born in Bains-sur-Oust.

  • Recognition
Efforts are now underway to officialize this confirmation with previous genealogical research in order that Michel be included in the catalogue of ancestors confirmed by DNA (http://miroise.org/catalogue/) and in the PRDH (Historic Demographic Research and Development Program at University of Montreal).