Distribution of the Saindons
in North America

A survey of the registered Saindons to telephone directories available on the Internet in North America in 2011, shows 1233 listings : 838 in the United States and 395 in Canada. This table shows their distribution.
If we assume that :

  • 80% of these persons are males (990) Saindons and
  • that there are as many female Saindons (990) but registered on behalf of their spouse, 

It is estimated that there would be around: 2000 Saindons (adults).

  • If one believes that these Saindons have on average two children, we estimate that there is currently nearly 6000 descendants of Michel Saindon and Marie-Yves Godin in North America.

This estimate was reevaluted in 2017. It is now 7500.