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  • You are a Saindon descendant.

  • by lineage, you carry the name Saindon or a variations of the name (Sindon-Cindon-St-Don).
  • by union, you do not carry the name Saindon or a variation but you have a blood link.
  • by adoption or
  • you are the spouse of a member of the Association.
you wish to become a member of the Association (regular - benefactor - lifetime)

  • You are not a descendant but you are interested by the Saindons : 
you can become an associate member of the Association

  • Fill the form below and forward it by clicking the "Send to the Association" box.

  • You will receive and acknowledgment of receipt and a bill for your membership fee.

By becoming a member :

  • You will receive by mail a newsletter every three months where you will read about ongoing researches, articles on Saindons heritage and activities to come. It is partially in English and there is an English summary of every French article.(replaced by an e-newsletter during pandemia)
  • You will have access to a members only site where you will find a listing of 18,000 persons in the genealogical databank.
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