Baptism of Michel 

Site of baptism ?

Église St-Jean Baptiste

Was Michel Saindon baptized at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church located

currently on the Nominoë square in Bains-sur-Oust?

   Michel was baptized on December 2, 1715 in Bains-sur-Oust.

   The Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste was inaugurated in 1862! 1

So he was baptized in a church that predated the current church and that no longer exists!

Site of old church


Where was it located?

   Here is what we found on the site of the digital newspaper Ouest-France2

- A new church that took time

   “Currently, we can identify traces of its location thanks to bronze studs stamped with letters.

   As for the relics of the cemetery which surrounded it, they were transferred under the monument erected in the center of the square (Nominoë) ”.


Here is what Ginette Fontan of the Genealogy Club of Oust and Vilaine counties tells us.

   "Yes. Michel was indeed baptized in the parish church, the St Méen chapel was no longer in service in 1700.

   The alphabetical bronze studs were installed around 1860 when the old church was destroyed. The new church  is opposite. There is a stud at the location of each edge of the building which opened to the west, contrary to the custom which normally requires to be towards the east. The letter A is a little to the left of the Saindons plaque, almost next to the pump ... "

"The Napoleonic cadastre is from 1847 so just before the destruction of the church ... it is the plan of that time. The plaque for Michel Saindon ... should be in the old church inside the studs M and N The altar must have been between studs P and A. The studs to the right and to the left were private chapels: La Rouarday, Sainte Marguerite, le Rosaire and St Gobrien where certain families could bury their dead ... "

A fortunate coincidence

Plaque commémorative

   The Association's commemorative plaque installed in 2018 is located on the heritage site of Place Nominoë and inside the old church where Michel was  baptized.

Thanks to Ginette.

   In the distance, we can see the monument where the remains of the old cemetery which was adjacent to the old church were transferred.