The Association maintains archives of documents, microfilm and digitized data. Only members have access to these archives. A consultation service is also available.


  • Fonds Laurent Saindon: Archive Laurent Saindon
  • Scanned "Greffe du notaire Michel Saindon"; 600 acts
  • Baptisms, marriages and burials scanned of the parish Bains-sur-Oust (1680-1750)
  • History and genealogy of the family Saindon of North America: 2 volumes (Laurent Saindon)
  • Historical Dictionary of the Saindon family (André Sindon, Louise Camirand and Andrée Thinel)
  • The people of St-Modeste (Robert Saindon)
  • The people of St-Arsène (Robert Saindon)
  • Association of Saindon from 1995-2007: 12 years of discovery (Andrée Thinel)
  • Our Saindon Cousins (Sr Veronica Roy)
  • Le recueil volume 2 : 2007-2012 (André Sindon et Louise Camirand)
  • Saindon Family History: Paleolithic to 1735 AD (Robert A. Saindon)
  • The Man in the Unmarked Grave: the life and times of Jake Saindon (Robert A. Saindon)
  • La petite histoire de l'Association (André Sindon et Louise Camirand)
  • Saindon toponymy (André Sindon et Louise Camirand)
  • Transcription du greffe du notaire Saindon (Andrée Thinel, Louise Camirand et André Sindon).
  • Saindon Family History and Genealogy (André Sindon and Louise Camirand)


  • André Sindon: archivist
  • Louise Camirand, GFA *: Assistant-Archivist

* "Généalogiste de filiation agrée" (Certified genealogist).

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