2000 - 2nd Great Gathering

Rémi Saindon, secretary of the Association, is writing a summary of the highlights since the creation of the Association in 1995.

Here is his sixth posting....

Annual Reunion at Cacouna 21-23 July 2000

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   As part of the festivities of the 175th anniversary of the canonical establishment of Cacouna and the 327th of the founding of the territory, the Saindons decided to hold a Grand Reunion.

   Many reasons motivated the organization of the event :

- Michel Saindon was the first landowner in Cacouna, having acquired his property on 7 Aug 1765, directly from a representative of Governor Murray (first British Governor)
- He participated in the partition of the lands in order that they could be sold to the colonists present.
- He was the first notary of the region and wrote the acts of sale, wills, donations and marriages of that period. It is possible that these documents may be available for consultation at the Reunion as they are now being compiled.
- From 1789 to 1812, part of his house was generously offered to be used as a house-chapel while awaiting the construction of the first church in Cacouna.
   Due to the great implication of our first ancestor Michel and his sons in the early days of Cacouna, the organizers chose Michel Saindon as the key historic personage for the festivities. It was therefore our duty to accompany him during this stay or rather return to Cacouna. What better way to pay hommage to him and share his pride among his descendants.

  A Saindon float will possibly be part of the parade on Sunday evening.

   All the infrastructure of the festivities will be available to us :

- Meeting rooms for registration and our Annual General Meeting,
- Meals under the tent for breakfast, lunch and dinner,
- Touristic and participation activities
- Musical evening
- Cruise on the River

   For all these reasons, it is important and relevant that we are there and participate.

   As we say ``Saindons are not numerous, but they are always all present``

André Saindon, president
Photos : 
- A group of participants at the 2000 Great gathering.
- A float that symbolise the house-chapel of Michel Saindon : from l.to r.. Robert, André-Michel (from back) and André Saindon (designer) and André Sindon.

Board of Directors 1999-2000

André Saindon, President
Dolores Sandon, Vice-President
André Sindon, Secretary-Treasurer
Isabelle Saindon, Advisor
Gillesn Saindon, Advisor
Louise Camirand, assistant ot secretary-treasurer

A bit of research by Rosaire Saindon

First Municipal Council at St-Hubert Témiscouata

  On 12 February 1894 the municipal electors were called to meeting chaired by MATHIAS SAINDON, Justice of the Peace, to proceed with the nomination of members to the first municipal council.

Those elected were : 1.-Charles Thériault 2- Prudent Dionne 3- Ferdinand Malenfant 4- Israël Malenfant 5- Arthur Morin 6- Jean-Baptiste Morin 7- Ferdinand Sirois.

First Meeting of the Council

   On February 19,1894, at 10 o’clock in the morning at the residence of MATHIAS SAINDON, the first meeting of the Council was held.

Saindons - Champions : Gagnon Family

   Since 1994, we have omitted to mention and pass on to you that this family had been attributed the wonderful distinction of
« Family of the Year » . But what are Gagnons doing in an association of Saindons? 

Forgive and pardon me but Mr Daniel Gagnon is a member of our association as the son of Gabrielle Saindon and grandson of Joseph Saindon who Isabelle told us about in the last edition. 

   According to the Society of Quebec Farmers, who bestowed this honour, all the members of the Gagnon family are involved in an association or committee. No matter what is going on at the church, in the parish or agricultural assemblies, there is always at least one Gagnon on the organizing committee! 

  And far from being tempted by the rural exodus, the children have a devotion to the land and the culture of farming. Their smiles and jokes say much about the bonds of the family members who will all admit to « quarrelling and quibbling a bit, but making up in record time ». 

   Just as their parents before them, Daniel et Monique have relied on balanced common sense in raising their household. According to them, solid values are the most valuable legacy we can leave to them. « In our house, everyone pulls their weight. There is neither special privileges nor discrimination. The girls are even better that the boys with the machinery! », says father Daniel. He who, it is said, is responsible for the strong propensity to teasing among the children.

   The Gagnons consider themselves fortunate. « At our place we talk to each other, we communicate, we help one another » say the four children each in turn between winks and knocking of elbows. Their father appreciates the frankness of his children who help him stay young at heart. As for mother, nothing makes her happier than to see her children, still young, participating and succeeding in so many areas. But, she who wears so many hats at one time, how does she manage to do all this?

 « It’s an advantage having a good sense of organization » says Monique Lebel. « And lots of kids to help! » adds little Sophie smiling in her corner.

   Bravo to the whole family !

Photo : Daniel Gagnon and Monique Lebel and their children Julie, Gervais, Sophie and Joachim

Source : La Lignée Volume 6, Numero 1 15 March 2000

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Research by the Saindons of

  During the unveiling of the commemorative panel in 2018, André Sindon learned that it was René, the brother of Yvette and Albert, who had approached Joseph Gérard, municipal councilor. who in turn asked the town hall to contact the Rennes archives.

DNA proof

   The origin of Michel Saindon was demonstrated by a DNA comparison in 2016.