1999 - 2nd Reunion in Saint-Romuald

Rémi Saindon, secretary of the Association, is writing a summary of the highlights since the creation of the Association in 1995.

Here is his fifth posting....

The First Three Honourary Members1

   Jean-Luc Guyot of St-Gilles, France, Yvette Saindon and Albert Saindon of Bains-sur-Oust were named honourary members by the Board of Directors at their meeting on 28 October, 1998. They were each offered a special artisan wooden pen made by André Saindon.

   Following an internet request by the Secretary-Treasurer, André Sindon, Jean-Luc Guyot offered to research the Archives in Rennes to attempt to locate the birth certificate of our first ancestor, Michel Saindon. This research was carried out over many months in 1996-97 and a number of emails were exchanged between him and André.

   At his suggestion and with his assistance, a survey was conducted of the Saindons in France which led to André Sindon contacting Yvette and Albert Saindon of Bains-sur-Oust.

   Following the survey, Yvette Saindon and her brother Albert conducted addtional research which led to the discovery of the birth certificate of a Michel Saindon born on 2 December, 1715. At their own expense, they obtained a certified copy of the birth certificate from the Rennes Archives which they forwarded and is held in the Association archives. (see the panel on the right)

   From the research conducted by these three individuals and that of Father Robert Saindon, we are led to believe that Michel Saindon was born in Bains-sur-Oust on the 2 December, 1715, the son of Pierre Saindon and Marie MarquerJMarquer and that he is presumably the first ancestor of the Saindons in America.

   For these important contributions, they were named honourary members of the Association. 

Board of Directors 1999-2000

André Saindon, President
Dolores Sandon, Vice-President
André Sindon, Secretary-Treasurer
Isabelle Saindon, Advisor
Martin Saindon, Advisor


  • From the books of Laurent Saindon began work on a computerized genealogical data base of the Saindon family.
  • The Association web site was established by André Sindon. 

Saindons - Champions : Ludger Saindon

   The following is an extract from the newpaper « L’Événement-Journal » Quebec, published Monday, 15 October, 1945. It relates the exploits and entrpreneurship of one of ours : Mister Ludger Saindon.
At the Quebec Brass Foundry

   “Friday afternoon, at the Quebec Brass Foundry, Commercial St, in Levis, of which Mr. Ludger Saindon is President, poured for an important Montreal company, a cast iron base weighing 12,000 pounds, the largest piece ever cast by the foundry since it began operating in 1913, and the largest ever cast by a foundry in the region. For this occasion, Mr. Saindon, who is the Eastern Canada director for the American Foundrymen Association, had invited a number of dignitaries including the Honourable J.T. Larochelle, Mr. Maurice Bourget, and the mayors and aldermen of Levis and Lauzon. 

   After the cast iron piece was poured, there was a reception at the company offices where Mr. Saindon was congratulated for this successful achievement. Mr. Saindon is an expert in this type of work and fills orders from some of the most important companies.” What talent and ingenuity. 

   We recognize the very essence of a real Saindon. He was certainly a significant personage of his time. Mr. Ludger Saindon was the father of Mrs. Colombe Saindon H. Guenet, a member of our Association.

André Saindon 

1 Source La Lignée vol. 5 no 1, April 11, 1999

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Research by the Saindons of

  During the unveiling of the commemorative panel in 2018, André Sindon learned that it was René, the brother of Yvette and Albert, who had approached Joseph Gérard, municipal councilor. who in turn asked the town hall to contact the Rennes archives.

DNA proof

   The origin of Michel Saindon was demonstrated by a DNA comparison in 2016.