1996 - 1st Great Gathering

Rémi Saindon, secretary of the Association, is writing a summary of the highlights since the creation of the Association in 1995.

Here is his second posting....

Posting # 2
1996 - First Great Gathering

1996 Great Gathering

    Over 300 people, including many from the United States, participated in the 1996 Great Gathering, an attendance record never equaled since!
    During the general assembly at the Cacouna church chaired by Claude Saindon, Yvon Saindon, the president, not attending for health reasons,

  • Robert Saindon presented the history of the founding of the Association,
  • André Sindon paid tribute to Laurent Saindon and
  • Marc Saindon was thanked for editing his father's works.
    A mass was celebrated by Father Robert Saindon; he used the chalice donated by the citizens of L’Île-Verte around 1800 for the occasion.

    A barbecue dinner at the Rivière du Loup arena and an evening of dancing completed this historic day. (1)

A commemorative plaque

Thérèse Fontaine et Gisèle saindon

    During the Great Gathering of Saindons on July 12 and 13, 1996, the Association unveilled a commemorative plaque that is erected on the land of Gisèle Lévesque (born Saindon) in Cacouna.
    The plaque indicate that this is the land and ancestral home of Michel Saindon. This bronze plaque was cast by a foundry in Inverness in the Beauce region. The plaque is a gift from the President of the Association, Yvon Saindon and his wife, Thérèse Fontaine.

1st elected Board of Directors (2)

CA 1996

- Claude Saindon, president (Québec)
- Irene Miller, vice-presidente (États-Unis)
- Madeleine Saindon, secretary (Québec)
- Fernand Saindon, treasurer (Beauport)
- André Sindon, administrator      (Montérégie)
- Richard Saindon administrator  (Rimouski)

From Neleda Desbiens-Jones

Église de Damar

    Neleda Desbiens-Jones from Paso Dobles, California tells us about her family in Kansas:

"My father, Georges Desbiens was born in St-Arsène (Quebec). He came to Kansas in 1884 with his parents and 4 other children. They were accompanied by their uncles and aunts as well as their grandparents, Célestin Saindon and his wife Henriette Talbot.

   They arrived in the United States to clear land called "homestead" which the American government offered to emigrants on the vast plains of the western United States".

   Ms. Desbiens-Jones had provided the information on the Saindons of Kamsas and Illinois that can be found in Laurent Saindon's books on the History and Genealogy of the Saindons of America. On page 210 of Volume I of this work we find the photo of the Church of Damar, Kansas:

   "On the plains you could see it several miles away. At that time, these Canadian farmers were very poor but they had the courage to build this church with their own hands and the sweat of their brow." (3)

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(1) source La Lignée Saindon vol. 2 no: 3
(2) source La Lignée Saindon vol. 1 no: 2


Great Gathering

Participants ?

   The exact number of participants at the 1st Grand Gathering remains approximate. If we count the people in the group photo opposite, there are 180 persons.

Birth date ?

   On the commemorative plaque installed in 1996 at the ancestral house, it is indicated that Michel Saindon was born in 1717.

   This information came from research in Brittany by Father Robert Saindon in 1985 who concluded without having found the birth certificate that Michel was born in 1717 at the Chapelle de Brains.

    In 2016, it was proved by comparison of DNA that Michel was baptized on December 2, 1715 in Bains-sur-Oust and that he was born in St-Méen nearby.

A new plaque in Cacouna

Nouvelle plaque

   An additional plaque indicating the place and date of Michel's baptism will soon be installed under the current plaque at the ancestral house in Cacouna. 

Neleda Desbiens-Jones

She was a very precious correspondent that made us better understand the Saindons from USA.. 

See article of "La Lignée".